Inspection & Consultancy Services



Bunker fuel is still a necessity within the shipping industry and forms a significant component of operational costs. Malpractices during bunkering will inevitably result in losses which can be significant and rather common. Our independent surveyors can monitor the entire bunkering operation and protect shipowners against misconduct such as bunker fuel shortages, defective gauges or flowmeters, altered strapping tables, presence of magic pipes and tampering with sampling and fuel properties such as temperature and density.

All MARLAB bunker surveyors work in strict accordance with our internal procedures and guidelines, and applicable local and international standards such as the SS600 and SS648. Surveyors are explicitly trained to monitor and read the mass flowmeter accurately, taking into account complex tank profiles, overflow tanks, bilge tanks, and any other hidden tanks as well as the changing trim and list conditions, while factoring in the environmental parameters that influence the final true reading. They are also trained in Health, Safely and the Environment such as controlling oil spills and management of hydrogen sulphone (H2S), carbon monoxide and lower explosive limits during bunkering. The surveyors are there to provide accurate, comprehensive, safe and reliable reporting of the delivered bunker quantity and to ensure representative sampling that is compliant with the MARPOL Annex VI requirements for the subsequent bunker fuel testing.

MARLAB’s partners are fully accredited with ISO 17020:2012 as organisations performing inspection. They can provide standard, detective, and continuous bunker surveys throughout the world to support you in your bunkering delivery, sampling surveys and disputes.

Our full range of bunker quantity surveys include: 

  • Bunker Quantity Surveys 
  • De-Bunker Quantity Surveys 
  • Remaining Onboard (ROB) Bunker Surveys 
  • Sludge Surveys 
  • Comprehensive On/Off Hire Surveys 
  • Correctional and Detective Surveys