Lubricant Oil Analysis


Lubricant Oil Analysis Services

Our independent lubricant analysis and advisory service helps clients obtain maximum machinery efficiency and reliability, through an unbiased analysis of currently used and newly sourced lubricants.

Lubricant analysis is looking for trends in machinery operational characteristics, specifically wear metals, as well as if the lubricant remains within its specification for the specific machinery item it is being used in. As lubricants are put under extreme mechanical, environmental and chemical stress, degradation could occur over time.

Acting timely and effectively reduces operational and maintenance costs while improving machinery uptime and system performance. This is achieved by analyzing lub. oil characteristics over time to identify degradation and by benchmarking new lubricants before they are added to the system.   However, this process also requires a more complex approach, with machinery registrations and lubricant types associated to each specific item of machinery. These analyses are repeated on a regular basis to ensure key items of machinery on a vessel are complying to classification society requirements, as an example.

Independent lubricant oil testing performed by MARLAB’s extensive network of ISO17025 accredited-only laboratories:

  • Cylinder Drain oils 
  • System oils 
  • Trunk Piston oils 
  • Hydraulic oils 
  • Turbine oils 
  • Stern Tube oils 
  • Greases 
  • Gear oils and Transmission fluids 
  • Drive Train and Differential Fluids 
  • Coolant and Refrigerants 
  • Heat transfer fluids 
  • Compressor oils 
  • Transformer oils 

A well-lubricated system ensures asset protection, lower operating costs and reduces GHG emissions. Our team of experts can help you maintain the quality in your lubricants and greases through our Oil Condition Monitoring (OCM) program.

  • Improved reliability, machinery uptime and system efficiency. 
  • Prevents unexpected machinery breakdown by early detection of wear  
  • Reduces lubricant consumption by utilizing the full lifespan of the current lubricant 
  • Client portal with on-line access to reports 
  • Convenient ordering of LOM sampling kits through email or via the client portal 
  • Worldwide logistics network with detailed delivery monitoring and user notifications.


Our focus is on making your testing regime as simple and as automated as we can.


Once your vessels’ details have been registered on the MARLAB online platform, order test kits via the platform or by simply emailing our dedicated test kit team.


Test kits will be dispatched to your vessel at your port of choice, with full instructions for taking samples, and with all delivery and collection charges included.

Lubricant oil test kits contain 50 sample bottles.


Test kits are provided on an all-inclusive basis that includes kit delivery, sample collection, fluid analysis and reporting.

Lubricant oil tests are charged on test kit dispatch.


Once samples are ready for collection, simply use the automated sample collection form on our website to request your sample collection. No online access? Not a problem, use the automated PDF file that will email your details to us once completed. We will in return email you your shipping documents for all-inclusive courier collection of your sample shipment, your material safety data sheet (MSDS) and a commercial invoice.


MARLAB offers a tracking and notification service to keep you informed of the location of your sample for peace of mind. An optional emergency service can also expedite the analysis process and yield results swiftly.


MARLAB offers clear and simple online reporting through its platform, in addition to your emailed reports.